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Dr. David Suskin Speaks about Activator


As a Chiropractor, having been in practice for over 30 years,

I've seen and helped many patients, and have utilized numerous

Chiropractic Techniques and Supportive Therapies.


I'd like to share with you my experience using the highly

researched Chiropractic Technique called

Activator Methods Technique.



Activator Methods Technique is both a:

  1. Spinal Analysis, that is an extremely effective way to locate Spinal Subluxations.
    (Pinched Nerves), which are the cause of numerous
    health problems. Activator is also an
  2. Adjusting Technique, that is specific, non-traumatic, gentle, safe and scientifically documented by 100's of research studies and clinical trials.

Many of my patients come to me with a particular spinal or health problem. They may

have received weeks, months or years of medical, chiropractic or alternative care with

varying results. Some good, some fair, some poor.


Some patients are seeking help for their problem, for the first time. Some patients are searching or looking for better results, better health, optimal health!


During the Activator Analysis portion of their Initial Exam, I will request the patient to

lay face down on the Activator Table. Actually, this Activator Table is Specialized,

allowing for the most accuracy in performing what are called "Activator Isolation Tests".


What is absolutely fascinating is that many of my new patients have received numerous

and varied therapies for their conditions with varying results. After all the years of care

from other MD's, DC's, DO's, PHT's, Acupuncturists's, etc., with all the intervention these

patients have had, even all the spinal adjustments from other Chiropractors,



suggesting the presense of one or more Spinal Subluxations (Pinched Nerves)! 


  • No Wonder They Still Have Numerous Symptoms!
  • No Wonder the Conditions are Not Improving!
  • No Wonder Maximal Healing Has Not Taken Place!

They Still Have Spinal Subluxations!


What is evident, is that while many therapies are good at alleviating symptoms, even

temporarily, many do not address the Spinal Subluxation cause of the problem.


In essense, these techniques:

  1. Do not have an effective, objective means to detect the presence of the
    Spinal Subluxation(s) and more  importantly,
  2. Do not have an effective, objective means to detect the successful removal
    of the Spinal Subluxation(s) that
    are causing or at least contributing to these
    patients health problems!


And The Great News Is

With Activator Methods Technique and the Adjustment Method and Isolation Tests

it provides, in most cases, the Spinal Subluxation can be monitored, reduced, stablized

or eliminated.


This Is Powerful. Why?


Because the whole premise of Chiropractic, the success with Chiropractic, deals

with the reduction or elimination of Spinal Subluxation.


The beauty of Activator is that it is objectively reproducable and effective, as shown

by 100's of research studies,  clinical trials and clinical experience.


This technique is precise, non-traumatic and safe. It can be used on an adult, a

newborn child or even an osteoporotic elderly person.


In the beginning of care, a person might clincially have up to 10 or more areas to

Adjust, as indicated by the Analysis. As the course of treatment and time progresses,

and Healing and Stablization of the persons spine takes place, the number of

Spinal Adjustments required by this same individual might reduce to Two, One or NONE.


That's right, NONE!

No evidence of Subluxation is Found, using the Activator Analysis, and therefore

No Spinal Adjustment is given.


This Fact, This Ability to Find Subluxations and to Eliminate Them is both

Clinically and Objectively Significant!



Activator Analysis shows you Where, When and When Not to Adjust The Spine.


The relationship of the Spinal Subluxation (Pinched Nerves) to the occurence of

reduced spinal function, reduced spinal health and the effects on ones overall health

has been shown to be clinically significant.


Research, and the experiences of patients and Doctors of Chiropractic, through the

years, supports this fact.


I say, "Why not perform a Spinal Adjustment, in the Most Clinically Effective, Proven,

Efficient, Non-Traumatic and Safe Way. Right?"


This Is What Activator Methods Technique Offers!


Yours For Better Health,

Dr. David Suskin D.C.



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